A Resilient Warrior
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A Resilient Warrior

by Mindy Dougherty Publish: Jul 05, 2020Biographies & Memoirs



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Biographies & Memoirs

U.S. Army Veteran Mindy Dougherty has a warrior spirit that will capture your attention. The resiliency and strengths she embodies while overcoming childhood abuse, PTSD, & more medical adversities than one can imagine will inspire you. Navigating a lifetime of trauma could leave a person bitter & hateful, but Mindy takes a completely different approach. She uses comedy, gratitude & gardening to influence, healing for herself and others. Mindy's garden, Known as feed my city, promotes healing, growth, and health for those who may be fighting their own battle for survival. Mindy Dougherty is the a epitome of a resilient warrior, a fact that his showcase through this narrative of her life.

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Title A Resilient Warrior
Author Mindy Dougherty, , ,
Publish Date 05, Jul 2020
Language English
Page Count 141