The Spoken Word (Watchers Book 1)
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The Spoken Word (Watchers Book 1)

by Megan Weiss Publish: Aug 01, 2020Series: WatchersTeen & Young Adult
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Watchers complete series

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Hello! Welcome to my Author page!

I have had a passion for reading and writing since I was in junior high. Books are treasures, and knowledge is the best tool anyone can have. I remember trying to write silly little stories as a kid in elementary school, and gradually worked my way up to writing longer, more serious works. I didn't initially plan to be an author when I grew up. The more experience I gained, and the more books I read, however, pulled me farther and farther into the literary world! I like to think that I didn't find writing as a career, writing found me and taught me where I truly belong.

I have obtained a Master's Degree in Public History from Southern New Hampshire University, and I have Bachelor's Degrees in Creative Writing and English, along with a minor in Anthropology. I particularly enjoy reading YA novels, hanging with my dog, and learning about occult history. I have lived in the Rochester, New York area my entire life.

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Book Detail
Title The Spoken Word (Watchers Book 1)
Series Watchers
Author Megan Weiss
Publish Date 01, Aug 2020
Language English
Page Count 339