We Stay In Our Own Tree: Shattering the Taboo of Abusive Incest
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We Stay In Our Own Tree: Shattering the Taboo of Abusive Incest

by Michelle Barry Publish: Jul 22, 2020Suspense Advice & How To Biographies & Memoirs General Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality Parenting True Crime



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Suspense Advice & How To Biographies & Memoirs True Crime

Newcomer author and advocate Michelle Barry sheds light on the shroud of secrecy which often accompanies the shame of incest. She continues to advocate for herself and others on fearless survivorship. Her goal is to create a non-profit organization connecting incest survivors nationwide. She wants to help survivors navigate through the sensitive period following disclosure of their abuse to family and friends. Support is unpredictable and the impact on family dynamics are significant. Often the best support comes from other survivors. Her debut memoir We Stay In Our Own Tree is an account of her triumph over abuse and her lifelong journey of recovery. Her community blog is a supportive place for survivors, family, and friends of those touched by abusive incest. Those who wish to share their own stories of abuse and recovery may remain anonymous if they choose. Michelle’s advocacy work will include speaking engagements and future books. She resides in Minnesota with her supportive husband, her five adult children, and her three, irresistible, grandchildren who live nearby. Her devotion to her family ensures that every branch of her family tree is nurtured by unwavering love for many generations to come. Her website is www.michelle-barry-author.com
One survivor's chilling memoir of her stolen memories and her childhood secrets. Rural isolation and inherited belief systems collide to create a perfect storm of intergenerational abusive incest within her family tree. Putting a face to what is often called a victimless crime, Independent Author Michelle Barry invites you to share in her remarkable journey to discover the duality of vulnerability and the complexities of family and broken relationships. Throughout her life, we see Michelle battling grief, depression, alcoholism, and domestic violence, all stemming from her childhood sexual abuse. With steely grit in the face of unspeakable shame, she speaks out to spur on higher levels of engagement through candid dialogue, thereby shattering the deafeningly silent taboo of incest. Forever breaking its power helps Michelle to advocate for all survivors who are in differing stages of recovery. For those who've been abused, Michelle's memoir shows others that they can reclaim their own voices and personal histories.

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Title We Stay In Our Own Tree: Shattering the Taboo of Abusive Incest
Author Michelle Barry
Publish Date 22, Jul 2020
Language English
Page Count 236
Cover Design Jen Fredette