GARGOYLE: Claiming the Witch
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GARGOYLE: Claiming the Witch

by DM Zhivago Publish: Sep 02, 2020Action & Adventure Paranormal Romance Romance Science Fiction Fantasy
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With titles under her belt such as her Therion Beast series which, so far, includes Wolf Moon Rising, The Alpha's Mate, Wolf Song, and Pride & Predator; as well as PNR/Fantasy titles Soul Survivor and Gargoyle - Claiming The Witch, not to mention erotic novella: There's A Genie In My Dildo; Diane Zhivago, aka DM Zhivago, is an up and coming Canadian author with a plethora of tales to tell! Having won awards for poetry, she has been writing since her early teens and will likely continue to write for years to come, producing the kind of witty, epic romance characters who will stay with you long after the story has been told and the book has been closed.

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Diane Zhivago Diane Zhivago 9 days ago
THE BEST IN EPIC ROMANCE! For centuries he has awaited her rebirth; now she is his to claim but her sacrifice must be willing, and so first, truths must be told. For innocent blood must always be spilled, and an innocent life taken, before the Gargoyle can reap his vengeance, and the Witch can save his soul.
Book Detail
Title GARGOYLE: Claiming the Witch
Author DM Zhivago
Publish Date 02, Sep 2020
Language English
Page Count 197