The Seer
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The Seer

by JD Stanley Publish: Jan 27, 2017Series: A Bronan the Druid storyHistorical Fiction Fantasy



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A Bronan the Druid story complete series

Historical Fiction Science Fiction Fantasy Horror

JD Stanley is an award winning historical speculative fantasy author and solitary Bardic Druid following the OBOD teaching path. JD honed voice and audio editing chops in the 80s as a radio announcer and studio engineer before embracing a lifelong guy-behind-the-curtain freelance career as a commercial and content copywriter, proofreader, ghostwriter and script doctor. Landed Entertainment director Junga Song once called JD “the greatest writer nobody’s ever heard of”.

The fictional worlds of Mary Stewart, Colleen McCullough, Tolkien, Heinlein, Cervantes and Shakespeare bent JD’s world perception into a magical place of unlikely heroes, quests, the interconnectedness of past and future and that though bad things happen to regular folks, a dollop of wit can make it bearable. Unapologising mythology and ancient history junkie, sorcery of science lover and student of human interaction, JD’s combined passions weave rich speculative explorations into traditional concepts of good and evil where flawed heroes most often struggle to get out of their own way to do the right thing.

JD enjoys long, meditative walks through graveyards, reading encyclopaedias, rearranging furniture, and accepts that guinea pigs do, in fact, take over your entire life. JD's spirit animal is a cranky unicorn.

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Book Detail
Title The Seer
Series A Bronan the Druid story
Author JD Stanley
Publish Date 27, Jan 2017
Publisher Roaming Druid
Language English
Page Count 249
Cover Design JD Stanley