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  • Daniel Peter Buckley

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by: Daniel Peter Buckley

Journey back in time and follow the campaigns in the Western seas for control of the ancient sea trade routes and the power, riches and control it delivers. Phaecian sea captains led by Paiawon, Aeacus, and Rhadys battle with Ariukki, Kolakus, Thesanis, Enna, and Carausius. Following the passing of Hammurabi, the ancient world saw the leading powers battle to control their borders and lands as the city states in the East fought bitter inter-state wars protecting their vital trade routes and securing alliances. With the Western sea trade routes offering new markets and resources, the rival powers all looked West, and towards the island of Sicania with envious eyes.

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Daniel Peter Buckley Crime Fiction, Historical Mysteries, Historical Fiction, History

Hi, thanks for the interest been writing for about 16 years now started via an Archaeological course and Italian college course.nThis involved long essays on Archaeology and research which i carried on and added to my growing history book library.nMy first venture was a history blog which was a...

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Publisher: Daniel P Buckley; 1 edition (October 30, 2016)
Language: English
Page Count: 235

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