The Girl from Cairo: A Memoir
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The Girl from Cairo: A Memoir

by Peggy Hinaekian Publish: Oct 08, 2020Biographies & Memoirs
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Of Armenian origin author, Peggy Hinaekian was born and raised in Egypt. Her paternal grandfather had the largest private library in Egypt, and Peggy was introduced to books in three languages (English, French, and Armenian) at a very young age.

Peggy grew up in a very cosmopolitan environment and was an avid reader. She kept a journal since the age of ten and always wrote short stories, essays, and children's picture books.

She immigrated to Canada with her first husband and then went on to the United States, where she pursued a career in fashion designing in New York and in fine arts. After her divorce, she left that behind and moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and continued her career as an artist.

Peggy Hinaekian is not only a writer and author, she is an internationally recognized, well-established artist living and working in the United States and in Switzerland.

Now with three literary works to her credit, you may purchase her books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and many fine online book stores. She is married, raised three beautiful sons, and she resides with her husband part-time in Florida and California.

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Title The Girl from Cairo: A Memoir
Author Peggy Hinaekian
Publish Date 08, Oct 2020
Publisher Xlibris Corp
Language English
Page Count 260
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