Furey's War
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Furey's War

by T. W. Lawless and Kay Bell Publish: Feb 24, 2021Series: Jack FureyThrillers Suspense Mysteries
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Jack Furey complete series

Crime Fiction Thrillers Mysteries

Best-selling author of the Peter Clancy series.

After initially studying journalism at university, T.W. Lawless worked as a registered nurse for many years before turning his hand to writing fiction. T.W. is the author of six thrillers, including two Amazon Kindle best-sellers (Homecountry and Thornydevils), as well as the co-writer of the soon-to-be released murder-mystery Furey’s War.

Raised on his family’s cattle station in remote North Queensland, T.W. now lives on the New South Wales Central Coast with his wife, who is also a writer.

His passion is writing, and when he’s not writing a book, he’s planning the next one.

Quotes Lawless lives by:
A) If the world is your oyster, you better get shucking.
B) If Lady Luck beats a path to your door, make sure you’re home.

New Peter Clancy book coming in 2020.

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Book Detail
Title Furey's War
Series Jack Furey
Author T. W. Lawless and Kay Bell
Publish Date 24, Feb 2021
Publisher Campanile Publishing
Language English
Page Count 209
Cover Design Thomas William Lawless Bell