Cape Nome - The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope - Book 2
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Cape Nome - The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope - Book 2

by Neil Perry Gordon Publish: Mar 20, 2021Series: The Goldfield SeriesHistorical Fiction
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The Goldfield Series complete series

Historical Fiction

Neil Perry Gordon achieved his personal goal as an author of historical-fiction with his first novel--A Cobbler's Tale, published in the fall of 2018. With over fifty four and five star reviews praising the story and his writing style, he released his second novel--Moon Flower the following year. In the fall of 2019 the metaphysical fiction sequel to A Cobbler's Tale--The Righteous One was published.

His creative writing methods and inspiration have been described as organic; meaning that he works with a general storyline for his characters and plot, rather than with a formal, detailed outline. This encourages his writing to offer surprising twists and unexpected outcomes, which readers have celebrated.

His novels also have the attributes of being driven by an equal balance between character development, and face-paced action scenes, which moves the stories along at a swift page-turning pace.

Ready for 2020, Neil Perry Gordon once again explores the historical-fiction genre with two new novels: Hope City and The Bomb Squad.

Hope City is the first in a series chronicling the 1898 Alaskan adventures of the protagonist--Percy Hope. While The Bomb Squad tells the World War 1 story of Max Rothman an American patriot, protecting the homeland from the German spy, Dr. Harold Schwartz.

The author has attributed his love for the creative process from his formative years spent learning-to-learn at the Green Meadow Waldorf School.

Readers can learn more about Neil Perry Gordon, by visiting his website and blog at:

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Book Detail
Title Cape Nome - The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope - Book 2
Series The Goldfield Series
Author Neil Perry Gordon
Publish Date 20, Mar 2021
Publisher Self
Language English
Page Count 320