Arrogantly Obsessed (Those Malcolm Boys Book 3)
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Arrogantly Obsessed (Those Malcolm Boys Book 3)

by KL Donn Publish: Aug 24, 2021 Contemporary Romance
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Hey, I'm Krystal. I write as USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn. I'm stoked you're checking me out and I really hope you find a story to enjoy!
A little about me:
Perpetual romantic.
Coffee addict.
I speak sarcasm more often than not.
Gimme an action flick over a romance. But a romance book over action. I'm weird like that.
Did I mention coffee addict?
Closet shopaholic.
Beach lover.
Coffee addict, it bears repeating. Again.
Husband obsessed. Mine that is, you can keep yours.
Mom of 6, well 7 if you count the husband. Oh and 2 of those are a cat & dog.

I love to connect with my readers so feel free to find me on any and all social media platforms you use! I can’t promise to be sane, or not swear a lot, but I’ll be extra happy to hear from you!

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Book Detail
Title Arrogantly Obsessed (Those Malcolm Boys Book 3)
Author KL Donn
Publish Date 24, Aug 2021
Language English
Page Count 140
Cover Design Alluring Write Productions
Cover Model Jimmy B
Cover Photographer 6:12 Photography