Alethea's Dreams
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Alethea's Dreams

by Daniel B Martin Publish: May 29, 2021Literary Fiction
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Literary Fiction

Daniel B. Martin is an American author whom currently resides in the Netherlands.
Martin’s literary themes focus upon the ever-changing relationships between human beings and their environments. His love for and connection with nature is deeply linked to his philosophy of human stewardship of the planet. He is fascinated by plants and animals, gardening, hiking, camping, waterfall chasing and anything involving the great outdoors.

A man of many hats and a global resident: he grew up in Southern California, although throughout his adult life he has lived on the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Maui, in France and in the Netherlands. He holds a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Master’s in Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture from Leiden University in the Netherlands.
Martin’s books provide understandable and relatable philosophic adventures to the average reader. He does so through writing experimental literature that cozily rest just outside of traditional genres. His work is a never-ending attempt at further understanding and connecting the metaphysical (world of the mind) and the ontological (world of being) worlds.

The aim of his writing is to incite subjective self-reflection and to increase general and personal awareness of what it means to be human. In doing so he hopes to boost environmental and ecological appreciation and to foster the reemergence of a healthy relationship between humanity, its environments, the planet we call home and the greater cosmos beyond.

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Title Alethea's Dreams
Author Daniel B Martin
Publish Date 29, May 2021
Publisher Prefuture Publishing
Language English
Page Count 199
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