How Not to Vampire - Season 1: So I Might Be a Vampire
(6) Paperback,
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How Not to Vampire - Season 1: So I Might Be a Vampire

by Rodney V Smith Publish: Oct 27, 2021 Series: How Not to VampireHumor Fantasy Horror



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How Not to Vampire complete series

Thrillers Supernatural Suspense Humor Fantasy Horror

Rodney V. Smith is a Barbados born writer and artist, and has authored at least one comic book, a ton of short stories, way too many screenplays, and a couple of webseries. Smith once considered a profession as a comic book writer and illustrator, but gave it up when he discovered screenwriting and filmmaking (but is occasionally tempted).

He is one of the founding members of the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (IWCC) and has written and produced several webseries including the critically acclaimed “Dominion” and the sci-fi adventure “Out of Time” (now on Amazon Prime). He has scripted, filmed and produced over ten short films and independent feature films.

SO I MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE was Smith’s first novel on Wattpad, followed years later by the 2018 Wattys Award winning THE CANEFIELD KILLER, and was subsequently accepted into Wattpad Paid Stories. HOW NOT TO VAMPIRE is an ongoing series and will keep him out of trouble for a few years...

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Book Detail
Title How Not to Vampire - Season 1: So I Might Be a Vampire
Series How Not to Vampire
Author Rodney V Smith
ASIN 1775294439
Publish Date 27, Oct 2021
Language English
Page Count 208
Cover Design Rodney V. Smith
Cover Model Ariel Pacheco
Cover Photographer Theik Smith