Assistant Director Tito’s Weedless Dog Farm
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Assistant Director Tito’s Weedless Dog Farm

by Joshua Reynolds Publish: Oct 18, 2021Humor



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Born in the Midwest, I've lived in eleven different states and have traveled the US extensively, guided only by a primitive device known as a “road atlas.” Four years of philosophy at Arizona State won me an impressive symbol to add to my name (BA). Another six at Princeton secured me a triplet of even fancier letters (PhD), granted one of them is lower case. For the next decade, I spent my days in an academic bubble, floating from university to university, teaching young adults subjects vital to their success in the 21st century (like Greek and Latin grammar). The bubble burst in 2010, dumping me out somewhere near Atlanta, Georgia. I have managed to exist here ever since (with the exception of a year on the run). Copy editing for a medical journal pays the bills, and in my spare time, I enjoy fashioning written words to express unfashionable ideas. My preferred form of recreation involves climbing vast, remote expanses of elevated terrain, far removed from modern-day cavepeople and their obnoxious technologies. Neither cat nor dog calls me owner.

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Title Assistant Director Tito’s Weedless Dog Farm
Author Joshua Reynolds
Publish Date 18, Oct 2021
Publisher Windowless I Publishing
Language English
Page Count 275
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