My Beautiful Mistakes: Author's Edition
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My Beautiful Mistakes: Author's Edition

by Jessica Ayala Publish: Apr 25, 2021Poetry General Nonfiction
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Poetry General Nonfiction

I became a self-published author of Love and Romance / Relationship Fictional Nonfiction in April 2021 when my first book hit the virtual shelves on & Barnes and Noble. I WAS THE SIDECHICK IN MY OWN RELATIONSHIP was quickly followed by My Beautiful Mistakes (published just days apart) and in December of 2021, I closed the unintended trilogy and the year with God’s Gift; Becoming. I not only tell my story in each book, but I also share poetry that was written during each of the phases the books were written in.

I have launched a new podcast this year, streaming on Spotify and Anchor titled: On the Couch with Best Believe where I have those uncomfortable conversations.

I am on Twitter and Instagram @Best_Believe_26 and I also run a FB Page called On the Couch with Best Believe (@best.believe.26) where I attempt to spread positivity and inspiration daily out into the world.

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, but now rooted in Orange County, I continue to watch my children and grandchild grow into beautiful independent women.

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Book Detail
Title My Beautiful Mistakes: Author's Edition
Author Jessica Ayala
Publish Date 25, Apr 2021
Language English
Page Count 59