Deception: Book one (Unearthly Talents Series 1)
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Deception: Book one (Unearthly Talents Series 1)

by Anke Zet Publish: Jan 09, 2022Series: Unearthly Talents Series, Book 1Suspense Mystery Romantic Suspense New Adult Romance Romance Time Travel Romance Women's Fiction Science Fiction
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Unearthly Talents Series, Book 1 complete series

Suspense Mystery

AnkeZet is a doctor during the day and an author by night.
She believes in diligence, patience and love, and never stopping to push against the comfort zone of her inner rabbit.

Her favourite pastime is exploring the realm of human creativity with her mind and fingers…
“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” Cecile de Mille

Anke grew up in East Germany at the time of the cold war. The experience of a life in which one had to keep two faces, to thrive in that society, exposed her to a life of secrets.

Working as a GP, she’s come across many complex life stories. She delights in learning about the reasons people keep family secrets, also how those have a keen tendency to reveal themselves.

Inspired by daily scientific discoveries Anke speculates about Earth’s past & future, and wants to create engaging stories for all who haven’t lost hope, they’re not alone in this universe.

Book Detail
Title Deception: Book one (Unearthly Talents Series 1)
Series Unearthly Talents Series, Book 1
Author Anke Zet
Publish Date 09, Jan 2022
Language English
Page Count 577