Dizney Land by Way of Military Escort
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Dizney Land by Way of Military Escort

by Dennis Novicky Publish: Apr 07, 2021Humor True Crime



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Humor True Crime

My girlfriend and I were on vacation in Mexico, when I was arrested by the military and sent to prison, facing a possible 10 year prison sentence for committing a felony. After making a promise to one of my cellmates that I would never forget the men in cell #6, I decided to honor that pledge by sharing my unique story to the rest of the world. I am truly fortunate to survive the confines of a Mexican prison pretty much unscathed, though my sense of humor and "connections" were the key element to my survival. A cherished memory I will never forget!

Book Detail
Title Dizney Land by Way of Military Escort
Author Dennis Novicky
Publish Date 07, Apr 2021
Publisher Newman Springs
Language English
Page Count 398