The Enchanted Faerie Realm
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The Enchanted Faerie Realm

by Julie L. Kusma Publish: May 21, 2022Children's Poetry



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Supernatural Suspense Horror Children's Poetry

Julie L. Kusma, the coauthor of ‘The Lighter Half’ Series and ‘The Darker Half’ Series with Derek R. King, is the award-winning author of The Many Worlds of Mr. A. Skouandy and Other Stories from Oakwood Sanatorium, and Stuck That Way and Other Quandaries, and she currently lives in the United States, where she pens speculative fiction short stories, children’s books, and novels.

Several of her paranormal and horror stories and a few poems are available in audio format on her YouTube channel. Recently, contemporaries in the writing community honored Julie with the moniker “Queen of Horror.”

She holds a Master of Science in Health Education and a Master of Art in English, Creative Writing, Fiction.

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Book Detail
Title The Enchanted Faerie Realm
Author Julie L. Kusma, Derek R. King
Publish Date 21, May 2022
Publisher Independent
Language English
Page Count 58