Four Cowboys
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Four Cowboys

by Joseph Mullen Publish: Jan 06, 2022Supernatural Suspense
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standalone complete series

Supernatural Suspense Science Fiction

Married with one child still in high school. Residing in northeastern PA. Wife helped me achieve my childhood dream of being a published writer. Four Cowboys is a western with a supernatural theme. Four men come across the same town, at four different times in history, and encounter a past that appears to exist in present times. My new book, The Quill Conspiracy, comes out later in 2022, is a Sci-fi story placed in the future after a war that everyone claims is over except for a handful of people who set out to protect Earth even though Earth Command claims that the enemy has gone home. From Earth to Mars to the Forts near Saturn the internal war is fought on many fronts with twists at every turn.
Enjoy classic rock music from the 1960's and early 1970's. No disco, rap, or heavy metal.

Book Detail
Title Four Cowboys
Author Joseph Mullen
Publish Date 06, Jan 2022
Language English
Page Count 189