The Great Decoy: An Oak Island Short Story
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The Great Decoy: An Oak Island Short Story

by Pedro A. Ribeiro Publish: May 17, 2017Mystery Action & Adventure
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Thriller Suspense Mystery

Some call him the portuguese Bukowski (only his mom), most call him a talentless and pretentious idiot, but he likes to see himself as just a pretty face with glasses, an ordinary “Joe” that rambles with his pen, while drinking and breathing booze.
No awards were ever won by this schmuck, and probably will never be, however he lacks no illusions.

Now that I got this out of my system, Pedro A. Ribeiro was born in a portuguese small town, Marco de Canaveses where he lived until his adulthood, when he went to college in the second largest city Porto. His professional path in Logistics, led him to live in what he calls his second home town, Leça da Palmeira, from where he draws most of his inspiration, his reflections on life, the sea breeze has that effect on him. Still trying to find his voice as a writer, he finds time to also read, listen to music and play it on his guitar and piano. Lives with his lovingly muse Sofia, and their devilish cat Loki.

Book Detail
Title The Great Decoy: An Oak Island Short Story
Author Pedro A. Ribeiro
Publish Date 17, May 2017
Language English
Page Count 132