Amos the Amazing
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Amos the Amazing

by Jorah Kai Publish: Oct 31, 2022 Series: Amos the AmazingScience Fiction Fantasy Teen & Young Adult Children's
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Amos the Amazing complete series

Supernatural Suspense Science Fiction Fantasy General Nonfiction

Someone once told Jorah Kai to write what he knew, but since he was 12 and knew very little, the avid reader set off on a lifelong journey to master a variety of esoteric lore. He’s been a lifelong student, martial artist, musician, English teacher, writer, newspaper columnist, editor, web designer, dance music producer and touring DJ, black rock city existential detective and philosopher, fire-breathing gypsy circus performer, standup comedian, and family man; which offered many profound insights into the human condition before uprooting his life and moving to a city of 34 million people halfway across the planet.

Kai enjoys conversing in foreign languages because it’s more mysterious, and he enjoys playing guitar and eating pizza as much as he hopes you love this book. He lives at the confluence of two mighty rivers, the Yangtze and the Jialing, with a large and loving family for many years as a human being and then forever after as the most immortal of all supernatural beasts, a writer.

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Title Amos the Amazing
Series Amos the Amazing
Author Jorah Kai
Publish Date 31, Oct 2022
Publisher More Publishing
Language English
Page Count 364
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