The Manipulator: Young Adult Fiction
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The Manipulator: Young Adult Fiction

by Rachael BrickPublish: Jan 15, 2023Suspense Action & Adventure Teen & Young Adult
    • Rachael Brick Rachael Brick 1 year ago
    • At seventeen, Ky and Rae have worked with their trainer, Maddox, for years. They have been using their mental abilities to try and locate The Book of Sorok, hoping to carry on their mother's work after her passing.

      When Ky develops a new ability, she and her twin sister Rae are promoted into Pinnacle's Elite Training program. She begins her work with a new trainer, Chase, separate from her sister. Ky discovers new depths to her abilities and herself.

      The girls become victims of a series of devastating events, causing their world to be thrown into chaos. Ky is left searching for answers to why these occurrences are affecting her life one after another, leaving her vulnerable and forcing her on the run for her safety.
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Rachael Brick
United States1 Book
Suspense Action & Adventure Teen & Young Adult

Rachael Brick currently resides in West Virginia. She spends her time working out, writing, painting, and cooking. You can usually find her hiding out in her computer room, holed up with her favorite four-legged friend Nugget and a deliciously chilled cup of coffee. Her love for writing has been a hobby since elementary school and finally came to life in July of 2022 when she began working on her first novel, The Manipulator. As a gift to her son, nieces, and nephews, Rachael wrote her first young adult/teen novel with her young family members in mind, hoping to share her love for writing with them. Check out her current works/ books in progress at

Book Detail
Title The Manipulator: Young Adult Fiction
Author Rachael Brick
Publish Date 15, Jan 2023
Language English
Page Count 289