The Polygamist
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The Polygamist

by William Irvine Publish: Sep 28, 2016New Adult Romance Erotic Romance Women's Fiction Literary Fiction Religion & Spirituality

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William Irvine
William IrvineUnited Kingdom1 Book
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When the author was aged eleven, one of his four sisters married someone whose family had lived in India for four generations. Weaned by his brother-in-law on stories of snakes, vengeful servants and panthers, it is perhaps no surprise that he jumped at the chance to live, aged nineteen in rural Bihar as a volunteer worker when the opportunity arose. He spent the best part of a year there at a leprosy hospital. He went on to read philosophy, his other great love, at the University of Sussex, attracted by its then reputation as a hotbed of radicalism. He has since returned to South Asia many times in pursuit of his interest in Eastern philosophy. Not finding much demand for philosophers in the workplace, he went on to pursue a career in IT and has ended up working for one of modern India’s new technology behemoths.

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    The Polygamist

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Title The Polygamist
Author William Irvine
Publish Date 28, Sep 2016
Language English
Page Count 269