Rescued by the Ranger
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Rescued by the Ranger

by Dixie Lee Brown Publish: Sep 08, 2015Romantic Suspense



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Romantic Suspense
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Dixie Lee Brown was born the youngest child of a farming family in the Black Hills of South Dakota and remains a small-town girl at heart to this day. Her nomadic family, consisting of her parents, a brother and a sister, moved around a lot as she was growing up. From South Dakota to Washington to Montana and places in-between, Dixie changed schools at least once a year until the eighth grade. She compensated by being a model student, and books became her friends early in life.

Dixie graduated from high school in Missoula, Montana, got married, moved to Central Oregon and started a family. She enrolled in night classes at the local community college with an eye toward an accounting degree, but sometimes life events get in the way and goals change.

For the past several years, Dixie has worked as a bookkeeper for a real estate developer. In 2013, her dream of becoming a published author was realized. Since then, she’s published nine romantic suspense novels and is currently writing the tenth. One dog and two cats keep her company on a small acreage near Bend. When she’s not writing, reading or plotting a new book, she’s likely on her way to the beach!

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Book Detail
Title Rescued by the Ranger
Author Dixie Lee Brown
Publish Date 08, Sep 2015
Publisher Avon
Language English
Page Count 384