Wisdom is oftimes nearer when we stoop than when we soar. William Wordsworth

  • Iván Figueroa-Otero

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Genre: Advice & How To, Religion & Spirituality

Spirituality 103, the Forgiveness Code: Finding the Light in Our Shadows

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Ivan Figueroa Advice & How To, Religion & Spirituality

Iván Figueroa Otero M.D. FACS, FAAMAnAfter graduating from the School of Medicine of the University of PR in 1970, Dr. Figueroa Otero trains as General Surgeon at the University Hospital of the UPR School of Medicine, integrating a one-year fellowship in the study of cancer, and one year in...

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Publisher: Balboa.Press
Publish Date: 23, May 2017
Language: English

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