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A Bridge Through Time: Book 1 of The Thistle & Hive Series

by: Jennae Vale

Publication Date: Nov 07, 2014

Time Travel Romance

4.3 (335 ratings)

The Necklace IV: Brighton - December, 1999

by: Linda S Rice

Publication Date: Oct 23, 2015

Time Travel Romance

4.9 (15 ratings)

In A Million Years

by: John Darling

Publication Date: Feb 21, 2019

Romance, Time Travel Romance, Science Fiction

4 (1 ratings)

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The Necklace III: London, July 1967

by: Linda S. Rice

Publication Date: Apr 21, 2015

Time Travel Romance

4.2 (32 ratings)

The Necklace II: Back to Brighton: Time-travel Romance

by: Linda S. Rice

Publication Date: Oct 22, 2014

Time Travel Romance

4.8 (33 ratings)

Gertie's Choice (Ghost Book 5)

by: Carol Colbert

Publication Date: Dec 05, 2015

Mysteries, Supernatural Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel Romance, Women's Fiction, Fantasy, Humor

The Secret Path: The Spirit Path Series - Book 2

by: Tammy Tate

Publication Date: Jan 30, 2019

Action & Adventure, Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romance, Time Travel Romance, Western Romance, Historical Fiction

5 (7 ratings)

Simon Says (Order of the Black Swan, D.I.T. Book 1)

by: Victoria Danann

Publication Date: Aug 21, 2017

Time Travel Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy

4.7 (85 ratings)

Time Travel Twins: The Return of James Maxwells Quantum Equations, featuring Leonardo Da Vinci and Johnny Depp


Publication Date: Sep 26, 2017

Time Travel Romance, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Literary Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, Children's, Parenting