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#1 Best Sellers Books - True Crime

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Forensic Analysis and DNA in Criminal Investigations and Cold Cases Solved: Forensic Science

by: RJ Parker Ph.D.

Publication Date: Oct 04, 2015

True Crime

3.8 (132 ratings)

Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story

by: Stephen Bentley

Publication Date: Jul 16, 2017

True Crime

4.4 (127 ratings)

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Beyond Suspicion: Russell Williams: A Canadian Serial Killer

by: Alan Warren

Publication Date: Oct 22, 2018

True Crime

4.3 (13 ratings)

Parents Who Killed Their Children: True stories of Filicide, Mental Health and Postpartum Psychosis

by: Dr. RJ Parker

Publication Date: Apr 30, 2014

True Crime

3.9 (334 ratings)