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Rescuing Rita: A SANCTUM Novel

by: Pepper North

Publication Date: Oct 20, 2019

Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romance, Erotic Romance


by: Leigh Grissom

Publication Date: Sep 12, 2017

Science Fiction

4.8 (26 ratings)

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The Alpha's Seduction (The Forbidden Mates Book 1)

by: Larose Semsem

Publication Date: Oct 12, 2016

Paranormal Romance

4.7 (3 ratings)

What Happened in Hallandale

by: McCollonough Ceili

Historical Mysteries

4.5 (2 ratings)

The Chocolate Magic Café: A Chocolate Magic Cozy Mystery

by: Olivia Swift

Publication Date: Dec 29, 2018

Suspense, Mysteries, Supernatural Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Christian Fiction

4.6 (82 ratings)

Falling for a Duke (Romancing in Scotland Book 1)

by: J M Ralley

Publication Date: Dec 01, 2018

Romantic Suspense

4.6 (15 ratings)

Who Killed Mrs. Sada

by: Md Taslim

Publication Date: Aug 17, 2019

Crime Fiction, Thrillers

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Die For You

by: Zanne Sweeney

Publication Date: Nov 12, 2018

Romantic Suspense

5 (1 ratings)

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The School Gates

by: Nicola May

Publication Date: Dec 10, 2013

Contemporary Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Humor

4.1 (188 ratings)

The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay: An uplifting original and touching romantic comedy

by: Nicola May

Publication Date: Apr 09, 2018

Contemporary Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Humor

4.5 (3,060 ratings)

Christmas Evie: Winner of the Best Short Story Award - Festival of Romance

by: Nicola May

Publication Date: Nov 04, 2013

Contemporary Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Humor

4.6 (162 ratings)

Rick Cantelli, P.I. (Book 11): Pass the Torch (Rick Cantelli P.I. Detectives)

by: Bernard Lee DeLeo

Publication Date: Nov 08, 2019

Crime Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries, Action & Adventure

Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat)

by: Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Publication Date: May 14, 2013

Biographies & Memoirs, General Nonfiction

4.4 (41 ratings)

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Fauna the Fox Pup

by: Cathy Hodsdon

Publication Date: Apr 06, 2019

Highland Captive: A Scottish Highlands Romance

by: Susan Yawn Tanner

Publication Date: Oct 05, 2019

Historical Romance

Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 3: More living 'The Dream' in Rural Ireland

by: Nick Albert

Publication Date: Aug 01, 2019

Biographies & Memoirs

4.9 (44 ratings)

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Haunting of the Blackthorne House (A Blackwater Tale)

by: Bruce Knapp

Publication Date: Oct 04, 2019

Suspense, Supernatural Suspense, Horror

3 (1 ratings)

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Commissioner of Garbage: There's a Storm Coming

by: Cathy Hodsdon

Publication Date: Apr 11, 2019


4 (1 ratings)

Bumper the Bloodhound

by: Cathy Hodsdon

Publication Date: Apr 13, 2019


Inside A Dog's Mind: Jacob's Journal

by: Michelle Holland

Publication Date: Mar 30, 2018

Teen & Young Adult

4.9 (24 ratings)

Wild Montana Winds (Montana Gallaghers Book 6)

by: MK McClintock

Publication Date: Feb 28, 2019

Western Romance

4.7 (11 ratings)

The Stolen Princess Taken by Fire (The Elemental Chronicles Book 2) : Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

by: Gina Manis

Publication Date: Dec 22, 2019

Romantic Suspense, New Adult Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance

Gio (GDB Security Book 1)

by: Toye Lawson Brown

Publication Date: Apr 17, 2019


4.6 (51 ratings)

The Enchanted Crossroads (The Enchanted by the Craft series Book 1)

by: Dora Blume

Publication Date: May 16, 2019

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

4.3 (10 ratings)

The Heat of Summer

by: Melissa Tereze

Publication Date: Sep 20, 2019

Romance, LGBT

4.9 (18 ratings)

Prelude to the Shards: A Shards of the Coven Anthology

by: Michael Timmins

Publication Date: Aug 03, 2018


4.4 (15 ratings)

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The Special Operations Flotilla: The Dorset Boy Book 2

by: Christopher C Tubbs

Publication Date: Nov 30, 2018

Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction

3.7 (48 ratings)

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A Talent For Trouble: The Dorset Boy Book 1

by: Christopher C Tubbs

Publication Date: Oct 15, 2018

Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction

3.9 (91 ratings)

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Ruth Ready: While you're waiting on your Boaz, you better be

by: Kitty Arceneaux

Publication Date: Sep 01, 2019

Advice & How To, General Nonfiction, Christian Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality

5 (13 ratings)

The Christmas Cake (Cedar Hollow Series Book 2)

by: Carolynn Carey

Publication Date: Oct 10, 2019

Contemporary Romance

5 (1 ratings)