Book Discussion: Aim Point: An Air Force Pilot's Lessons for Navigating Life

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Aim Point: An Air Force Pilot's Lessons for Navigating Lifeby Bruce Hurd Publish: Sep 01, 2019Advice & How To Biographies & Memoirs History General Nonfiction
      • Bruce Hurd Bruce Hurd 1 year ago
      • One of my favorite quotes from "Aim Point" is "Without courage, we sleepwalk through life, reacting to situations presented to us and responding to whichever way the wind is blowing." There are several reasons why I like this quote in particular. For one thing, it addresses the need to live our lives deliberately. We want to take responsibility for and take control of our lives--this is the only way we'll live our lives in a joyful, happy manner--by creating our lives based on our own desires. This quote also addresses the need to "Make a Decision," one of the eight Aim Point principles I describe. It often takes courage to make a decision, even if that's a deliberate decision not to decide at this moment. Making a purposeful decision from a place of courage is a huge step towards achieving what we want in life.
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