Book Discussion: Hell Becomes Her (Flames of Perdition Book 2)

Hell Becomes Her (Flames of Perdition Book 2)
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Hell Becomes Her (Flames of Perdition Book 2)by R. A. McCandless Publish: Jan 23, 2019Series: Flames of PerditionSupernatural Suspense Action & Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy
    • RobRoy McCandless RobRoy McCandless 5 months ago
    • "Hell Becomes Her, by R. A. McCandless, is a worthy successor to his novel Tears of Heaven. It starts with a tense situation. The tenseness grows and becomes more complex as the novel progresses. Del, the protagonist, spends most of the book (when she isn’t using her considerable combat skills to keep herself and her allies alive) trying to figure out why the things she’s experiencing are happening. I suspect the same will be true of most readers, who, like Del, will keep trying to put the data together to come up with an explanation for the series of events. I also suspect this is exactly what McCandless wants. It is explained, but not until it should be, at the end of the novel. Granted, the reader doesn’t have all the information needed to figure things out until the last chapter, but neither does Del. Fair is fair." -- Robert Clark
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