Kim Cormack's writing tips

Kim Cormack
Action & Adventure Paranormal Romance
8 months

1. Write with your filter off. Don't stifle your imagination to fit into anyone's box.
2. Be brave. Don't change your storyline because you fear other's judgement. It will happen anyway. Be authentically you.
3. If you don't know how to do something, ask other authors. Most of us will help if we have the time.
4. Do not panic over a bad review. Check out this person's account. If their reviews are more than 80% bad and they have thousands of reviews, they are just a Troll. Ignore them, believe it or not, it's helpful to have a few bad ones. Suck it up and remain silent. Never comment back. Say this with me, "We do not engage with Trolls."
5. Always write in justified paragraph format and set the advanced settings to do not add space after shift. That isn't the exact wording. I'll look it up and clarify this if you need me too. If you have to respace line by line, it's going to be mind-blowingly tedious.

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