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Book Discussion: Remembering First Love (The Rivera Sisters Series Book 1)

Remembering First Love (The Rivera Sisters Series Book 1)


Publication Date: Nov 08, 2018

Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Christian Fiction

4.7 (28 ratings)

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    • jeaninelunsford 4 months Current AuthorAuthor
    • Raised by their single mother and grandmother, Amelia and Carina Rivera are well known in the tight-knit Cuban American community of Hialeah, Florida as the Rivera sisters. Only ten months apart, the beautiful girls are often mistaken for twins.
      "Remembering First Love" takes the reader into Carina's struggle with her weakness for the wrong kind of men as she attempts to clean up the reputation she has established during her teen years as the "wild-child" of the two sisters. The beautiful, naive twenty-year-old plans to turn a new leaf; she wants to earn the respect she yearns to have in her family and community by going to college and buying her mother a house. But her hopes are soon shattered when her mother loses her job and Carina has to take a job at a local garment factory as her family's sole breadwinner.
      When Carina is introduced to Aaron Mendoza, her supervisor at the garment factory, she is captivated by his good looks and hopes for a meaningful relationship with him. But Aaron has different plans for Carina, plans to lure her into his web of seduction.
      Will Carina allow the shadows of her past to darken her hope for a brighter future? Will Aaron's allure call to the desires still hidden deep within Carina? Or will she find the strength to resist Aaron's kind of appeal?
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