He who keeps the hills, burns the wood; he who keeps the streams drinks the water. Chinese Proverb

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Jeff Kuhn

Jeff Kuhn

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    • allauthor 2 months CurrentAllauthor
    • What inspired you to start writing? How long have you been writing?
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      • kuhnjm 2 months AuthorAuthor
      • I almost died twice from two completely different medical conditions in the span of just four years. The odds of surviving either one of these emergencies was one in a million. I did live, and I wrote my book to help others who are fighting their own battles. I want everyone facing adversity to fight and not quit. Even if the chance of success is just 1%, you can still win. I want my journey to be a source of hope for anyone who is thinking about giving up. If I can make it, so can you! Never quit!
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