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Connie Lafortune Interview Published on: 04, Sep 2017

How long have you been a shift supervisor? What exactly does a shift supervisor do?

I’ve been employed now for eleven years at one of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S. I assist the Store Manager and the Assistant Manager with their daily tasks. I also supervise the front end, manage the cashiers, provide good customer service and troubleshoot if the need should arise. I certainly have enough to keep me busy on a day to day basis.

When did you first realise that being a writer is something you wanted to pursue? What is one book that made you think differently about fiction?

I began writing at the tender age of eleven. I’d spend hours jotting down stories in black and white composition notebooks. Way back then, I never thought it was within my reach to become an author. I just did it because I loved it so. Then, several years ago I decided to take a creative writing class. And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Writing was my dream and my passion and the only one stopping me from being an author, was me. The rest is history as they say. . . Without a second thought, it would be Black Beauty. I choose this particular book because there are important lessons to be learned hidden inside the pages. Not only about the health and well-being of our animals but how we should treat one another. With kindness, sympathy and respect. This is a must read for young and old alike.

You've just been gifted $100,000. What do you do with the money?

Put it away for a rainy day. ;-)

When writing, do you prefer to work after setting an outlined plot? Or just take an idea and then see where it gets you?

I outlined my first book, Because of You. Then with The Claiming of Callan and Bound by Steel, I just let the characters guide me through their story. And boy, did they EVER!

How long, on average, does it take you to write one chapter? Is there any particular scene that was very hard for you to write? Why?

It varies really. Sometimes, I can bang out a chapter in just a few hours and other times it might be a week before I can truly finish… There’s not one particular scene that I find daunting per se, it just depends on the emotion that I want to convey and if I’m in the proper mindset to do so. I want my readers to feel every emotion under the sun and leave them breathless and begging for more.

Why do you think a lot of well-written books just don't sell?

Marketing, marketing, marketing! It doesn’t end when you simply hit the publish button. As Indie authors we need to spend time and money on promoting our books and unfortunately, that’s where a lot of really good authors fail. Sometimes, our books can be as hard to find as needles in a haystack! Word of mouth and reviews help a great deal too!

As a romance author, I think it's important to ask, do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?

Personally, I think it’s possible for someone to have that instant attraction or connection. Whether it’s ‘love at first sight’ or insta-lust, I can’t say but I do believe anything’s possible.

What is your favourite love story (it can be from a book or a film)? Does 'Prince Charming' exist?

The first one that comes to mind is Don’t Hold Back by Missy Johnson. It’s unlike any love story I’ve ever read before and it truly touched my soul. Convincing me, that it’s all about the journey, not the ending that really matters. Here’s an excerpt from my review on Goodreads: “Don’t Hold Back is not your typical romance with a happily-ever-after. But I will say, it’s a labor of love that’s so emotive, you need to experience it yourself. So, curl up on the sofa with a box of tissue, beverage of your choice and get lost in this beautifully crafted masterpiece.” As for Prince Charming, I truly believe he exists for each and every one of us. You just need to go out and find him.

If somebody were to write a book about your life, under what genre would it fall (romance, suspense, humour, mystery, science fiction, etc)?

Hands down a romantic comedy.

Are any of the characters in your books inspired from real life people? Have you based any of your characters on your husband?

The only inspiration my characters might have in common with ‘real life’ people are their quirky comebacks and witty dialogue. Which I have blatantly borrowed from the hubby. With his permission, of course.

What kind of music do you listen to? Who's your favourite artist/band?

I listen to all kinds of music and I’ve even added playlists for all of my books. In fact, you can follow me on Spotify. My preference changes from day to day depending on what scene I’m writing. As of right now though, Ed Sheeran’s new CD Divide is on repeat.

Do you prefer reading or writing? Why?

I think they go hand in hand. Just like peanut butter and jelly!

Do you ever read reader reviews? What's the best review you've ever gotten?

I read all of my reviews! It means the world to me that someone took the time out of their busy lives to review one of my books. That’s huge! One of my most recent and favorite reviews is by Niki Landis on Goodreads. All the feels. . . “Few books touch my soul and open my heart quite the way this book has done. I'm captivated, enthralled, and completely floored by this outstanding and well written love story that literally swept me off my feet, broke my heart, repaired and give it hope to live again, and came full circle in one of the best and most intense romance stories I have ever read. Wow.I hardly have words. My chest actually feels tight with all of the emotion coursing through me. How can a book transport you like that? Make you feel so passionately? Literally drag you in so deep you live and breathe the characters and the story? Well, that's just what the author did. This book has so many twists and turns, so many revelations, and the deep soul connection of two people who are destined to find their way back to each other, again and again, is so striking it will dominate you until you finish in eager anticipation. So very well written, so well described, so filled with passion, sensuality, and sex scenes that will literally set your kindle on fire. God, I LOVED this book. I can't say enough. I can't rate it high enough. I can't recommend it more. 5 STARS. Read this book! You will not regret it. Well done, Miss Lafortune. You have gained a fan for life.”

What were some of the thoughts swimming through your head while you were trying to get your first book published?

Too many to list in this interview!

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