Tangina Ann Interview Published on: 05, Jan 2019

Allow us a little peek into your life and tell us a little bit about your childhood, where you grew up, and a bit about your family.

I grew up in small town Pennsylvania about 51 miles north of Pittsburgh my mom was a single mom with 5 children to raise. My childhood wasn't a happy one but life is what it is and life goes on. I grew up in Smithfield, Leckrone area of Pa but moved to Florida where I lived for over 20 yrs and is where my two boys and their family's and my dad still reside. 2014 I moved to Tennessee to a area that is like going back in time except we have a car and not a horse and buggy to get where we need to go and that's a good thing because as it is just about everything is at least 20 -30 minute drive.

What makes you a romance-a-holic? Why did you choose to write romantic suspense?

Well I don't know anyone who doesn't love a little romance. I love suspense stories ones that keep you on the edge of your seat add a little romance and it is sure to keep you reading not wanting to put the book down until your have read it to the very end.

When did you realize that writing was more than just a hobby? What are some obstacles you faced while trying to get your first book published?

When I wrote my second book and received a 5 out of 5 star review for not one but for both of my books. Ironically I didn't face to many obstacles when publishing my first 5 books it wasn't until the publisher for my first 4 books went out of business that I faced obstacles I am currently self-published author until I can find some one who will pick up the mantle.

Besides writing, what are some of your simpler pleasures that you like to indulge in from time to time?

I like to do wood art and shoot photos of nature. I have a few cats that make my day a little lighter. One thing I like about where I live is the wild life. The other night my daughter and I were watching TV and there was a pack of coyotes just a little ways from my house making a racket. I opened the window and yelled out the window and said what is all that noise about? they shut up for a second or two then they started back up again then I said You guys really need to go some where else with all that noise. Every thing got quiet . I looked back at my daughter and said see Hope when momma talks they listen. Lol Not another sound. .Keeping in mind I never left the safety of my home. I like to go to a movie once in a while or miniature gulfing.

What is one common lie or misconception about the romance genre that you wish people would stop believing?

Well some people think because you write about romance that your some how are looking for romance. Occasionally someone will say something to the tune. Want to write a romance book together? It might be a lot of fun. I'm like no I don't think so, thank you anyway.

Do you remember when you first got the idea for "Natalie's Dilemma"?

It was a few years before I actually wrote it. I got this Idea and wrote down the Idea in a form of an outline and filed it away.

What was the main idea behind writing The Rise Of The Black Horse Rider? How was your experience of writing a supernatural suspense novel?

When you read the book of Revelation and watch some of these so called end time natural disaster movies one can get the feeling that something is missing. There will be so much more going on then a big earthquake or some volcano going off. There will be scorpions of the size of a horse and real living dead walking the earth although I don't think it will resemble anything like the zombies movies we are familiar with. The sink holes that are developing all over the world what do you think might be coming out of them? Ben and Sarah face a life much different then the one they were planning, everything they knew changed in a blink of an eye.

Do you think Natalie bears any resemblance to yourself?

In the beginning she is at a prophecy conference when things begin to change for her. Natalie is in to the bible just as I am. As some writers do I try to write about what I am Familiar with but think out side the box enough to give the character their own personality.

Have you ever created a character that you don't really relate to but still understand?


What inspired you to write the book “Short Stories in the Life of Little Girl Blue”?

Short Stories in the Life of Little Girl Blue Originally started out to be my story but I decided to make it in to Short stories some of which touched on my life but included fictional stories.

Which is your favorite short story in the book?

The Good Teacher

"The Rise Of The Black Horse Rider" is a very interesting and gripping story. Where did the plot come up from?

The book of Revelation. It is really something in reading it one can not imagine that life can be like that. Walk out of your door and stand there for a bit. It's quiet and in most cases very peaceful now imagine walking out your door and seeing a horse sized scorpion with a head of a man walking past you. You walk back into the house shocked at what you just seen find that your loveable doggie or kitty that you just petted and hugged is now looking at you like your dinner. Yikes!

What kinds of books do you like to read?

Ancient history... History in general

If you could belong to any fictional universe, which would you choose and why?

One which everyone gets along and a differences of opinion doesn't result in name calling or violence.

Do you have a secret to success?

No secret …. Working hard and not giving up when things get tough. Stay Humble

What book ideas are you currently working on?

No Where to Turn which is finished and is in the process of editing. Started on one called The Increase of Knowledge Then and Now which is a little different from what I usually do,and a hobby project I started on is Tangi's Wood Art & Photography

What are the best and worst parts about being an author?

Best part is that you can be creative that you can come up with an Idea and bring it to life. worst part is starting on a project and realizing the direction you were going with this story line you were working on isn't going to work so you have to start all over again or scrap it all together

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