Anita Kirk Interview Published on: 27, Jul 2020

Where were you born? What childhood memories do you cherish the most?

I was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK.

We have enjoyed many Christmas parties at each other’s houses in the family over years.

My Auntie used to raise money for Leukaemia research and my mum raised money for the NSPCC, with many fund-raising garden parties over many years that I enjoyed helping with.

I loved swimming, riding on my push bike with my friends many places and going ice skating mainly, and writing short stories.

As a child, what story did you want to write? Were you the main character? Who was your best friend?

I wrote about me and my friends adventures that we did and things that I would enjoy doing with my friends and family.

I have got many friends, but my best friend is called Sarah and we will always be best friends hopefully, I have known her for thirty-five years, I have written little things about her many times in a good way always.

What do you love the most about reading and writing suspense?

I love to make my own characters, places and more up.

I enjoy reading other people's books to support other authors, I read different things, mainly time travel books and fiction.

I enjoy writing for all different ages and different things, magical, time travel, futuristic, adventure, erotica, children’s books and more.

One of the main characters was a person that I have made up called the mad magician.

I enjoy keeping people having to wait and carry on reading to the end to find out what happens, I love writing unpredictable stories, so that people have no clue what will happen.

What did you study in college? What impact did it have on your writing career?

I studied cooking, type writing, wood work, maths, French, history, Geography, PE a few more and my favourite subject English.

I think that all of the subjects have helped me to find my correct path in life, with English and typing helping me the most.

What inspired the story of your book, Shenanigans?

My book Shenanigans was very enjoyable for me to write, it has got four short stories that go on different journeys in different ways, I have got a good imagination, I have got visions of exactly what I want and need to write, I feel a massive achievement as soon as my book is ready to publish.

What challenges did you face while writing your book, In a Quarter of a second and the Glowing rings?

While I was writing, In a Quarter of a second and the glowing rings, I loved to make up all of my characters, places, magical items and much more.

The main challenge was to make sure that it made sense and all flowed coming together like a finished jigsaw, with my proud moment finishing it after writing it for so many years.

Who inspired the character of Charlie in "In a Quarter of a Second"?

I decided to call my Character Charlie because I love the name, and I had to give him his dogs because I had a vision in my head that it would be nice if he owned some dogs, I chose his Yorkshire accent because I love my Yorkshire accent, I love other accents as well, I may use accents from other countries in the future.

What is your ideal setting to write in?

I love a magical setting with magical things happening regularly.

I re published In a Quarter of a second and added the glowing rings story to it, so that they save the world twice maybe, you would need to read it to find out.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of writing a good suspense book?

To write a good suspense book, I feel that I need to keep readers guessing what will happen next, with them not being able to guess the next step in the story of the way the plot goes, and throw a few different things into the mix to put readers off the scent of what could happen so that there is a few things that could happen in different directions of the story leaving the reader guessing what path the author will lead them down.

How do you make sure to draw readers into your stories?

I aim to keep and please readers by writing happy endings, unpredictable, well written, a story that they cannot put down until they have finished it, with them hooked to the book and the reader will want more and find out what is coming next.

What are some of the most profound "shower thoughts" you've had?

I have thoughts constantly about what I need to write next, and how I need to write it for the next bit of the story, I think my thoughts of how I thought up all of the magical items and the different things that they do In a Quarter of a second and the glowing rings was my most amazing thoughts that I love the most, I got so excited about readers enjoying reading it over many years to come.

If you ever get writer’s block, where do you go to overcome it, or what activities help you overcome it?

I work full time, I think a lot at work about what I am going to write when I get home from work, so I rarely get writers block, because I am normally desperate to write down my thoughts when I get home, if I do get writers block I have a rest for a while and watch a film or go into the garden in my hot tub for a relaxing few hours, then at some point I have many ideas to write down after a rest away.

How do you feel about the rise in digital books in recent years?

I think that eBooks are good, because my books are available on paperback and eBook, I think that this helps as readers can receive the book immediately without having to wait.

How many plot ideas are just waiting to be written? Can you tell us about one?

I am writing many stories at the moment, I am concentrating on a book that will be called Christmas Sparkles, it is about fairies helping a young family to enjoy Christmas because they both have to work all of Christmas with their young children having to enjoy Christmas with their neighbour that does not really care that much about them like their parents do with magical places, magical items, time travel, people and much more, it will be a fairy-tale for all ages to enjoy reading, with tears and laughter moments to come the same as the other books that I have wrote, with many more books to come available in the near future.

When were you first introduced to AllAuthor and how?

I only discovered AllAuthor a few years ago after a friend recommended to give it a go, I have never looked back, I find all author a very useful site.

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