Catherine P. Muller Interview Published on: 20, Mar 2020

Tell us a bit about your background and family.

I was born in the US and raised in France after my french mother divorced my american father at the age of 4 1/2. As young as I was, I struggled with integrating in the french culture at first and its language, feeling cast aside and different. Mom remarried a good man who provided us with a nice lifestyle but the education emphasis was always on my brother and I was taught to be 'pretty and be quiet" like my mom which created the platform for what was yet to happen many years later. Coming back at 18, I experience the same 'culture' differences and re-integration was not easy either.

What is one of your first stories you ever made up/wrote? Did you ever complete it?

I wrote the initial story about a devastating event that happened to me at the age of 39 and did not publish that version yet. I re-wrote it in a 'how to'/ self help version. The book was not met to be about me but how could my experirnce could help others.

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Were your parents supportive of this choice of career?

Because of my background, I never thought I would amount to much that was intellectual. However, after my experience, it became imperative for me to share my story.

What were some of the thoughts running through your head when you published your first book?

Judgement, fearing how others would think how stupid I was, yet, the discoveries and epiphanies that came out of my soul searching after hearing the Voice were more important then the fear of other judging me. If the book helps one person, then it was worth exposing myself

Have you ever Googled yourself? What did you find?

I found my book., but NOT my artwork. You must use " P. " as Catherine P. Muller to find me otherwise there are others.

What is your favorite part about being an author? What is the worst, if there is one?

Best part, helping someone else, worse, the marketing and social media!

Do you think book covers play an important role? Who designs your covers?

Yes I do and my son Johnathan designed the book cover. The cover tells at a glimpse what the book is all about

Have you read any good books recently?

No but listening to the audiobook version of Nelson Mandela's memoire. What is your all-time favorite book? Eckhart Tolle, the power of now

What do you love the most about painting? How often do you go hiking?

Painting? I lose myself in the colors. I start with an idea in mind yet the brush strokes and mix of colors tells me where IT wants to go and i only assist the paints in creating what IT wants to bring out. It is always evolving and I could not duplicate a piece I created once. When I get stuck with a piece, I hear a voice giving me direction on how to proceed. I love it! I paint when I have several days in a row to start and finish, to remain in the flow.

What do you love the most about painting? How often do you go hiking?

communion with God and nature. I love the peace and serenity I found in the mountains and desert.

What inspired you to write "Pains Purpose"? What challenges did you face to write this book?

My inspiration came from a personal obligation to share my story to help others, whoever is wiling to read the book, to hear me out and for me to provide them with a blue print of how to stop creating bad situation for ourselves. You just have to genuinely want to change and thats the challenge! We are all responsible for our own life. It would have been 'easier' and more the norm to blame my parents, their divorce,my divorce, but when I realized that I was unconsciously the cause of my own demise, then I could change what I didn't know before. Every body, with some understanding of themselves, can change. The challenge was to walk the reader through my experiece, sharing what I realized and understood then breaking it down for them to follow the same steps.

Pains Purpose is a riveting personal account of the first 39 years of your life. How difficult it is to share your personal life experiences with the audience?

It definitely was not easy to expose fully myself. I am still looking forward to personally share my story in front of others

Do you prefer to write alone or in public? Listening to music or to complete silence?

Alone and sometimes with classical music playing

Have you ever been in any position when your heart was torn in two opposite directions?

oh yes!.. In as much as I wanted to write the book and will complete the second one, the fear of exposing myself was great, that I would lose friends and do I, or do I not publish it? How will the book hurt me in relationships, career? I could only see and hear judgements What did you do and how did it turn out? My message to others was greater then my fear of judgement and I also was aware that I didn't go thru what happened just for myself but to help others, to shed a different light as to why things happen the way they do, that people don't have to suffer and to be greatful for even the hard times for they feed us with tools,understanding, know how to grow and become better individuals.

How important do you think it is for an author to have other author friends? Who are some of your author friends and how have they helped you in your growth as a writer?

I don't have any author friends

What are some of your biggest fears when it comes to writing?

To remain genuine to my voice and not allow others to edit the work in their voice, losing mine.

What are your thoughts on AllAuthor and its services? Got any feedback?

I love All Authors. So far, it is the only company I have come accross who actually has provided a real tangible assistance in marketing. Will renew at the end of the initial 6 months

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