Daniel Trump Interview Published on: 22, Feb 2021

Growing up in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and Libertyville, Illinois, which is your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory is roleplaying with my friends. I didn't have friends from ninth to tenth grade after we moved and that was catastrophic to me and I didn't really recover for a very long time. I still remember a twenty-four hour role-playing session we did in which we took turns being game master. It was fun.

What is your favorite Dungeons and Dragons monster?

My favorite Dungeons and Dragons monster is probably a human. They can be just as bad as anyone else. They can sneak up on you and do horrible things, those humans.

In what ways do you think graduating with a bachelor's in English Literature has helped you in your writing career?

I think that reading a lot of books really helps. I think that writing a lot really helps. Also talking to people about literature really teaches you about life and literature and how to write more effectively.

What characteristics and mindset make up the best competitive video game players?

The best in any field work very hard. I need to work harder. We all need to work harder. That's the sad truth.

What epic fantasy books would you consider must-reads for someone who wants to write in the genre?

I grew up on David Eddings and loved his books very much. I don't want them to be forgotten. They have such wonderful, unforgettable characters. I don't want people to forget about the pulp writers of bygone eras.

What are some things you did to understand and perfect the craft of writing?

I wrote a lot. I read a lot of books about writing and tried to emulate their lessons. I tried to listen to the advice given to me by the people who read my writing.

How did you come up with the plot of the story, V Max One?

I wanted a big, expansive sci fi epic with a character arc at its core: two friends, one evil and one good. I wanted to see these friends and their relationship as one tries to burn the galaxy and the other tries to save it.

Who inspired the character of Cayden in "Impressions of Suburbia"?

I just remember the geeks of my childhood and wanted someone like that.

Of all the science fiction you've written, which one do you recall most vividly and why?

I recall The Renaissance and the Homeworlders because Mike and I worked so hard to write something that had social and political implications as well as character and action. I wanted something that combined literature with pulp elements.

Do you shoot photographs for your book covers on your own?

No, I pay someone $50-$200 to make a cover. I recommend it.

How much did you research about paranoid schizophrenia. while writing your book, Ascension?

I am paranoid schizophrenic so I just needed to write about myself, but I recommend research for your writing. Do what I say not what I do.

How does writing make you feel? When you're not writing, what does a normal day for you look like?

Writing makes me feel like I'm communicating with the outside world in a way I can't do with my limited talking. I don't talk much and have a lot to say. A normal day consists of reading, working out, playing video games, and watching television or movies.

How important are the data of your book sales for you? Are you using any services for book sales tracking?

Kdp tracks sales for me, and I check most days. It matters to me - as a midlist author every sale matters.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

I am working on turning The Renaissance and the Homeworlders from a novella into a full-fledged novel and selling it. It should be really good, really interesting, with unforgettable characters and also something to say about how broken the conflict between the rich and everyone else has become.

When did you join AllAuthor? What do you think of the experience so far?

Recently, and I love any service which helps to get the word out. Keep reading independent authors people - not just me! Thanks!

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