Danni Roan Interview Published on: 22, Jul 2019

Where are you from? How has our childhood influenced you as an author?

I am originally from Western Pennsylvania. As a child I was given a rescue pony and was soon roaming the lush green hills around my home. This developed my love of nature and horses as well as western stories. Additionally I have a large, loving, and fun extended family. We would meet at the family farm and enjoy, fun, food, fellowship, and music. This loud loving family has influenced my writing in every way even to the extent that I often borrow from family stories and even names for my books.

What do you love the most about writing and sharing your stories with others?

I love when someone tells me that my book touched them, even if all it did was make them smile, that gives me great joy. I want my writing to be something that makes others happy and lifts them up in this life.

Out of all the places you have travelled with your every-day hero for the past twenty-seven years, which is your favorite place?

There are so many favorite places that it is very hard to pick just one but one of the most memorable is the Vedawoo in Wyoming. This was the first time we did any real boondocking or of grid camping with our RV. The area was beautifully unique with large granite boulders and sweeping plains that engulfed the high prairie of Wyoming.

Why did you choose the romance genre? Do you share your travel stories in your books?

I love a good happily ever after story. Our world can always use more love and romance gets to explore this in so many ways. I have found that the more I travel the more accurately I can describe new settings and locations that I include in my writing. Every new place seems to spark a new and special setting.

How did you come up with the idea for Sadina's Stocking? What quality of Sadina Riley’s do you like the most?

Sadina’s story came to me after discussing hardships in the life of woman who had struggled through difficult relationships but found the inner strength to discover who they were on their own. I have met many women and men who have suffered great heart ache at the hands of someone they loved but they were able to over come through faith and heart. I loved Sadina because even though she was afraid and uncertain of her own future she embraced love and was willing to give up everything for a chance of at true love.

What are the jobs that you have worked before you took to writing? How have those experiences inspired you to write?

I have had many jobs throughout my life but my true career has been teaching. I absolutely love the classroom and students and have learned much from them even while trying to insure that they could be come independent thinks with strong analytical skills. It is still common for aspects of my students creep into my books highlighting the wonder of the young mind.

What is the sweetest fan-mail/compliment that you have received for your writing? Which book was it for?

The greatest compliment I have ever received on my writing is directly related to the Whispers in Wyoming series. A wonderful reader expressed that the books have challenged her as a Christian to think about who she is and strive to be a better person. This comment simply blew me away. It is my hope that what I write is inspiring and helpful. Even if my books only bring a smile I feel that I am the most successful author ever.

Celestre's Song is a sweet inspirational story of second chances. Do you yourself believe in second chances?

I have always believed in second chances. We are human and we all make mistakes, that does not mean that those mistakes should define us. Mistakes in life are lessons that we must learn from in our quest to be better, more loving, more faithful people. Clestre’s Song is dear to my heart because I have spoken to so many people who instead of letting bad experiences in their life stagnate their joy, they opened there heart and gave love a second chance.

Which was the most challenging series to write among he Ornamental Match Maker, The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides and Strong Heart? Why?

I’d like to answer this question in reverse. The Ornamental Match Maker series is a collection of related tales that are simply fun and lighthearted. The books often seem to fly from my finger tips because, although they have a happily ever after, they can be a quick fun read. Strong hearts is a series that has truly stretched me as a write. The books are full of the indomitable will of the human heart and the grace of God that can bring us to where we should be if we will only try. The challenges of Strong Hearts is very different than other books because they tackle hardship in a different way than a story conflict. The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides offered a very different challenge though because it was a multi-author series with so many characters that you had to learn about. Each series had their own challenges but they were also all very different.

What do you do when you get an idea for a book? Do you write it out immediately, or do you wait for it to incubate in your head for a while?

When I get an initial idea for a new story I usually jot down a quick plot map with a few main points. I will then let that idea grow in my mind and heart until I am able to write it out completely.

What inspired the story of ‘Abigail's Adventure’, the first book in The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides?

This story was written by my dear friend Caroline Lee and she had the idea of spreading a specific love of learning throughout the USA as the vision of the marvelous Mrs. Wigg. When she determined that the Wigg School and Foundling Home would be able to carry this special teaching passion through mail-order-brides the series simply took off.

What about the character of James Hampton in ‘Pineapple Persuasion Valentine’ do you find the most attractive?

James is just a nice guy. I love the fact that he is very much gun shy when it comes to the idea of relationships. He feels a deep responsibility to his friends and the people he loves, even to the extent that he is willing to give up his own happily ever after for the love of a friend.

At the end of the day, what makes you most satisfied as an author?

Seeing people enjoying my stories is truly what makes me happy. I so love it when others fall in love with my characters and my stories the way I do. It is like sharing a new best friend with the world.

How has being an author changed your life up till now and what are some new goals you've set for yourself?

Being an author has changed my life in the fact that I am now writing full time and can pour out a great deal of my passion in my books. I love researching and learning new things and sharing them in my stories so that others can also learn. I guess at heart I’m still a teacher and love to see people find joy in what I do.

What features made you stick to AllAuthor for so long? Is there anything you wish to change in the services that we offer?

I really love how supportive AllAuthor is with authors. The platform allows so many ways of sharing my books with the world. The social media feed is simply beautiful and having all of this in one place makes it so easy to keep track of so many different threads in social media. It is very difficult to keep up with all of the different aspects of a writer’s life and AllAuthor simplifies much of this in so many ways.

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