Debra-Ann Kummoung Interview Published on: 21, May 2020

Tell us a little about your background and some lesser known facts about yourself.

I’m the middle of 3 children. Tend to be quiet and happy watching period dramas - especially Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell’s North & South. I enjoy reading my books to my husband… just because I can.

What developed your interest in the romance genre?

It was two different things. My grandmother “Nana”, used to read Harlequin romances and I discovered Jane Austen in high school.

What was your ambition as a child? Did you always want to be an author?

I actually wanted to be a teacher when I was very young, but people have always enjoyed my unique stories.

How did your friends and family react to your first book?

They were all very happy and excited for me.

How did your husband inspire you for Mr. Darcy & Colonel Fitzwilliam?

My husband is often quiet and shy like Darcy, however, when he gets to know you, he is more like Colonel Fitzwilliam. Also, he was a military man.

What inspired you to write the book, "True Love Never Fails"?

I wanted to do something a bit different and focus on a little bit of the overlooked middle sister in the Bennet family but not forget the famous couples along the way.

How long did it take you to write "Falling for Elizabeth Bennet"? What 'struck' you with the idea for this story?

I wrote Falling for Elizabeth Bennet in about 2-3 months. The story just flowed.

Who inspired the character of Elizabeth Bennet in "Mr. Darcy's Christmas Surprise"?

I believe my husband would say that the character of Elizabeth is based a bit after me. Christmas is my favorite time of year and he say me as her character.

How challenging it was to write "True Love Conquers All: True Love - Book Two" after the first book?

I actually started writing True Love Conquers All just a few days after finishing True Love Never Fails…. It had a cliffhanger and it was just wanting me to keep going. Health issues and my Christmas novella delayed the book until earlier this year.

Of all the love stories that you have written, which one is closest to your heart and why?

Falling for Elizabeth Bennet is closest to my heart. In this book, Elizabeth has falling sickness (epilepsy) something that is not often found in historical romances and something I have personally. I have been asked to write another story so in the future there will be another book - Falling for Elizabeth Darcy.

Is there any other genre that has enticed you like Historical Fiction has, that you would consider writing in in the future?

Yes. I have ideas for a few contemporary stories as well as fantasy.

Do you read all your reviews? How do you stay motivated and positive when someone writes a hateful comment?

I do read my reviews to see what people think. I don’t really respond to hateful reviews. People are entitled to their opinion. I write my books to please me, anyone else who enjoys them, just thrills me to pieces.

What made you fall in love with Pride & Prejudice? Would you have liked the book as well if Jane were its heroine?

I loved the Regency era and manners. I’m not sure if I would have liked Jane as the lead, mostly because I was more like Jane at that time in my life and I wanted to be the feisty Lizzy.

What book ideas are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a Pride & Prejudice/Cinderella mash-up - Mr. Darcy’s Cinderella Bride which I hope to release later this year.

How has your experience with AllAuthor been?

I’ve really enjoyed working with the folks from AllAuthor. You all make it so much fun to talk to reader and people interested in knowing more about the authors.

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