Gail Meath Interview Published on: 14, May 2020

Tell us a little bit about your childhood and background. What kind of child would you say you were?

My father was an artist, so we didn’t have a lot of money, but my parents filled my life with art classes, piano lessons and taking simple vacations to Gloucester, MA, where artists set up their easels on the wharves. It was an unconventional childhood, yet so much fun and full of love.

Did you always want to be a writer?

I discovered my ability to write well early in high school. I wasn’t the best student, but boy, when there was an essay question on a test, I aced it every time whether I knew the correct answer or not.

In what ways did your father encourage you to follow your writing passion?

I did not inherit my father’s artistic ability, but it was his devotion to art and music and creativity that encouraged me to use my imagination and follow my own passion.

Why did you choose to compose historical romance novels?

I hated history class in school. When I decided to write a novel in my late teens, I began researching on my own and was the way they taught history in school that had turned me off. I love it now and even research just for enjoyment.

What inspires you to write the true story of a medieval countess to plot-twisting turn-of-the-century murder mysteries?

My research. Before starting a novel, I spend a lot of time sifting through time, events, people, etc. until something strikes me. I also love variety and a challenge, so to avoid getting bored or repetitious, I keep trying different eras and genres. But I cannot write horror or erotica:)

You have been writing novels for years. Why did you decide to only recently publish them?

I needed an escape during a difficult marriage and used writing as my therapy. I never shared my writing with anyone or even considered publishing them. It was my current husband who finally convinced me that I had nothing to lose by sharing my books.

How did you come up with the title of your book, HOLBROOK MANOR?

Okay, I confess. While driving around, I always notice street names. Many of my characters’ names are based upon those that I find interesting and it beats sifting through thousands of names on the internet.

How difficult it was to set FIRE BLOSSOM in the year 1843?

This was probably the easiest book for me to write. The idea came from a true story about Mary Jemison who was an Indian captive in New York years ago and there is a ton of research about the Old West.

Who inspired the character of Reece Garrett, Captain of the Danika in CALANESAEA?

I’m not sure...a cross between Clark Gable and Errol Flynn. My mom and I loved watching old movies together, including their swashbuckling movies.

What do you enjoy most about being an author? Are there any downsides?

I love researching different eras and just losing myself in another time and place. The only downside for me is sitting at my computer for hours on end, losing track of time and not getting enough exercise!

How much did you research while writing your book COUNTESS JACQUELINE based upon true events?

While researching the medieval period, I happened upon a very short summary of Jacqueline’s life. She was an amazing woman and I couldn’t believe so little had been written about her. And that allowed me to use a lot of imagination in creating the details leading up to each main event in her life.

Why did you choose Rochester, New York 1904 as the setting of your book, THE PERFECT SISTER?

I grew up on the north side of Rochester by the lake. While researching the area, I didn’t that it had once been a major tourist attraction and while reading about it, I happened upon a political scandal at the turn of the century. It was a lot of fun writing about my hometown.

What does ‘vulnerability’ mean to you?

Rejection. I avoided allowing anyone to read my novels for years because I didn’t want to know if they were good or not. As long as I believed they were, I was happy just to keep writing more.

These are the crucial times for the entire world. What ways, do you think, everybody can adopt to cope up with the situation?

I believe we need to trust people to know by now what needs to be done. Too many people are suffering from lockdown, individuals and businesses. For those at high risk or too afraid to begin living again, stay home for your own safety. For the rest of us, be careful and smart and follow all the proper precautions to protect those around you.

How were you first introduced to AllAuthor? Do you have any feedback?

AllAuthor was recommended to me by a fellow author on Goodreads. I have found my experience with them unbelievable. I have tried other promotional sites, yet none have treated me so personably, as though I were a part of their family. I love the website, the ease of uploading my books and making changes. The Magic Tool is just too cool for setting up your own book mockup banners. And they have amazing representatives who take you under their wing to help you along the way and even send you their own professional book mockups every month. I highly recommend every author to join AllAuthor for a great and easy experience in promoting their work.

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