Marteeka Karland Interview Published on: 02, Aug 2022

What’s your happiest memory from childhood?

The day my grandpa gave me a pony.

Who all are a part of your family? How critical are they of your writing?

My son and my husband both encourage me, but they prefer not to read my stories. Something about all the sex. I don't know. lol

What hobby do you miss most from your childhood?

Horseback riding.

What sparked the idea for your novel, Vicious (Salvation's Bane MC 1): A Bones MC Romance?

It started as just a silly guy thing. Dude whining because someone ate his pizza and drank his beer. Kinda morphed from there. :)

Who inspired the character of Suzie in "Stunner (Bones MC 9)"?

Suzie started out as a supporting character and somewhere along the way, morphed into a character I really loved. So she had to have a story. Stunner was her protector from the beginning so he was the logical choice of a partner for her. Stunner is one of my favorites in that series.

Did you expect your novel, Cain (Bones MC 1)?

Cain was an experiment. I wasn't sure MC romance was something I could do. I finished Cain and started Bohannon before Changeling Press expressed interest in the series. Thank goodness they did because it's been a wonderful ride from Cain to Ripper. :)

What are your tips for penning a catchy and intriguing book title?

Take time to plot it out. Even if it's just a rough plot. Have an idea of where you want to go so you can include twists and turns while still wrapping everything up. Have an investment in your characters. Care about them and your readers will too.

What was your greatest achievement in your writing career?

Building a readership for the books in the Bones MC multiverse. Those books brought my writing to readers I'd never had before.

What are the challenges of being a romance author?

Finding unique ways of inserting tab A into slot B? Just kidding. The hardest thing for me is making a strong connection with the lead characters. If that first meet isn't believable and engaging, the relationship won't be engaging.

What is your writing dream? How close do you think you are to achieving it?

To quit my day job. I don't anticipate that happening for a very long while. lol

Is there anything new that you're working on? When can we expect the next book to come out?

I have a book releasing every month to the end of the year. And probably the same next year. I also write under another pen name for erotica on KU. Wanda Violet O. is her name. And she'd decidedly naughty.

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