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Sharon C Cooper Interview Published on: 05, Dec 2018

What makes you a romance-a-holic? Why did you choose to write romantic suspense?

Lol, I don’t know if romance-a-holic is a real word, but it fit my love for anything involving a happily ever after. I love witnessing or hearing about love stories, whether in real life, in romance novels or on the big screen. It warms my heart to see others happy and in love.

I chose to write romantic suspense because I think every love story is just that much better with a little danger and action. Lol. Sometimes contemporary romance can be very lovey-dovey, which is fine, but throw in a few tests, trials and a few threats, and you have the perfect combination for an exciting read.

When did you realize that writing was more than just a hobby? What are some obstacles you faced while trying to get your first book published?

I realize writing for me was more than a hobby when a friend read some of my earlier work and suggested I publish it. The biggest obstacle I faced when getting my first book published was me. Like many authors, I worried that it might not be good enough, that everyone would hate it, and that no one would buy my work. Twenty-four books later, I’m so glad I didn’t let those fears stop me from accomplishing my publishing goals.

Where do you love hanging out the most with your husband? How do you think your relationship with your husband inspires your writings?

A smile automatically covers my face when I think of my husband. Those who know me well, know that spending time with him is my favorite pastime. He’s such a nice, considerate, fun guy to be around and anywhere he is, is where I like being. But if I have to choose just one place, I’d say the golf course. We always have a good time golfing. And he definitely inspires my writing and the stories I tell. He’s a great example of what I’d imagine a well-rounded hero to be. Kind, thoughtful, hardworking, and did I mention sexy? He embodies all of those qualities and many others.

Something New is a wonderful journey of God, faith, hurt, love and pain. How do you add romantic elements to your women's fictions?

With inspirational and Christian fiction, adding romantic elements can be a little tricky since some readers don’t even want an occasional kiss in the story. I let my characters guide me and try to keep the romantic elements to a minimum – but relevant. At one time or another, we all have struggled with just how far to go as it relates to romance in our own relationships (especially while dating). I make it a point to include some of those struggles in the stories I tell.

How is Kimani Romance different from Kimani hotties? Which one did you enjoy writing more?

What a great question! I’m not sure if I really felt a difference when writing Kimani romance versus the Kimani hotties. I just love writing about a great, complex hero who either fights love only to realize that he can’t live without love in his life OR that hero who knows what (and who) he wants and goes after her full force.

Which has been the best award-winning moment so far and why?

Though I have LOVED being nominated for numerous awards, and then winning a few of those, they all have come as surprises! Each award-winning moment has been amazing, and I’ve been humbled and honored for each experience. I don’t think I could just pick one moment that surpassed any of the others. I will say that the Emma awards that I’ve won probably caught me most by surprise.

What was the main idea behind writing Love At Last? How was your experience of writing a novella?

Lol! I struggle with novellas because of the limited word count. I typically write books that average sixty thousand words. BUT I had a blast writing LOVE AT LAST! The main character, Carolyn is fun, feisty and in her early fifties. She’s had a couple of failed marriages for various reasons. With that though, she still believes in love and enjoys being in relationships. Just when she’s about to give up on love, an amazing man (a widower) falls into her life. This is an entertaining read about dating when you’re in your 50s and the challenges that go along with that.

Between Janna Morgan and Christina Jenkins, which lady do you think bears more resemblance to yourself? Have you ever created a character that you don't really relate to but still understand?

Wow, you ask some great questions! I would have to say CJ (Christina Jenkins) bears more resemblance to me. She’s creative…artsy – which I consider myself (a little). I not only write, but I also draw and paint in my spare time. The art work around my home was all done by me (smile).

One character that I really couldn’t relate to – but understood- was Jada Jenkins from ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED. She is a sheet metal worker (which I can relate to since I was a sheet metal worker for 10 years) – but she’s high maintenance and a fashionista. I am sooo not a fashionista and definitely not high maintenance. So I had to do some research in those areas to broaden Jada’s character. She was interesting to write, but according to readers, I nailed her personality/character (smile).

What inspired you to write the series “Reunited Series”? Which is your favorite book in the series? Do you wish to add more books to the series?

I wrote the Reunited Series because I LOVE second chance and/or reunited love stories. Throw in a little suspense and former military men, and you have the perfect story (series). My favorite book in that series is Operation Midnight. I absolutely love the hero – Cameron (Wiz) Miller. I loved the way he fiercely and unapologetically loves and cherishes the heroine (Olivia). At first, I was going to stop at book 4 with that series, but I have received sooo many emails from readers asking for more. Since I actually had a couple of more stories that would fit effortlessly in the series, I will be adding to the series in the near future.

What is the most ideal ambiance for you to write in? How did you feel receiving the Emma Award - Interracial Romance of the Year 2015?

I typically can write anywhere, especially if I’m really into my characters. BUT if I had to choose just one location, it would be in my home office. I’m surrounded by writing inspiration from shelves of some of my favorite books, to a few of my own book covers framed and hanging on the wall.

I was shocked and thrilled to win the IR Emma award. I was up against some amazing writers who (in some cases) only write IR, whereas that was my first IR work. So I couldn’t believe it when they called my name!

"A Passionate Kiss" is a very interesting and gripping story. Where did the plot come from?

A Passionate Kiss is part of a trilogy/series that I did with two of my author friends (Candace Shaw and Delaney Diamond). The idea for the series came when two of us were at a reader’s conference in New Orleans, and the ideas snowballed from there. We started with the main premise for the series (the setting, characters, etc), and then we each came up with our individual stories. I have a file filled with plot ideas and character sketches. So I pulled some of my ideas from there.

What kinds of books do you like to read?

Next to hanging out with my husband, reading is my favorite pastime. I usually enjoy any book that’s entertaining with a happily ever after, but I mainly gravitate to romantic suspense.

What book ideas are you currently working on?

I have a number of projects going at that same time, but mainly I’m working on A LESSON ON LOVE, book 3 of my Jenkins & Sons Construction series. I’m also plotting the next book(s) in that series, as well as one for the Reunited series, and my Atlanta’s Finest series.

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