Stefanie Chu Interview Published on: 03, Mar 2022

What was your childhood like?

I was the quiet girl who doodled or read a book during class. On breaks I read manga in the corner of the library.

What was your favourite thing to eat for dinner as a child?

Stubborn me always wanted California rolls and nothing else.

Are there any other writers in your family? Who's your number one fan in your family?

As far as I know I am the first. None of them know that I am a published author since I write under a pen name.

What is one thing about you that many wouldn't guess when they first met you?

Many are quick to assume that I’m dependent and sheltered, but I consider myself to be quite self-reliant. You should see their faces when I start to do “men” jobs like changing a lightbulb or fixing a toilet.

Who did you model the character, Mirari from your book "Knights of the Alliance", after?

She’s a character that has existed in my mind since 2008 and isn’t based off anyone in particular. Originally she was modeled after mature-type anime characters, but I wouldn’t characterize her as that now. Meanwhile, Fangbane and Gaven are modeled after celebrities from a popular online game. I kept their names similar, but everything else about them was 100% fabricated.

What encouraged you to start writing stories of your own?

It started with my 6th grade teacher. The assignment was to turn in a 2-page story, and I turned in a 28-page (incomplete) fanfiction. She loved it and said I should keep going, so I did and never stopped writing.

Have you always loved writing or was it something that developed during your later years?

Writing has always an on-and-off hobby, as I am with many of my creative hobbies. It’s not necessarily my love for writing that motivates me to keep going but rather my love for the Alliance series. It has always been a lifelong goal of mine to share my characters with the rest of the world.

Inversely, are there any cliches that you actually like reading or using in your writing?

Can’t say there is one. I’m quite picky and am drawn to originality.

How many books do you plan to write in the Alliance series?

I’m not a fan of letting projects run indefinitely, so I plan to cap Alliance at three books. There’s definitely more to the story, but if I want to continue I may make it a part of a different series.

Are there any cliches in the fantasy genre that you try your best to steer clear of?

All of them! Mary Sues, long-lost princesses, and so forth. I’m also not a fan of elves in general.

What is your thinking process when trying to come up with a book title?

Funny you ask because I’ve been spending the past week trying to name the 3rd book in the series. I make a list of words that best summarizes the plot, then pull up WordHippo and get fancy!

How many authors do you know in real life? How have they helped you with your writing process?

I have a colleague from film school that works at a publishing company. She is not a published author yet, but back when I was trying to figure out how to self-publish, she helped me narrow down my resources. I would’ve never found out about the rapid release strategy if she did not mention it, and it’s a strategy that I am using right now.

What time of day is your favourite time to write?

My crazy schedule doesn’t give me the luxury of having one. On a typical day, I’m only available to write between 1-4am. If I had a choice, I like to write right when I wake up!

Are you working on a new book? Is it going to be a series or a standalone?

I am 100% dedicated to the Alliance series.

Lastly, how do you usually promote or market your books? How helpful has AllAuthor been to you so far and would you recommend it to your other author friends?

I engage with readers on FB, IG, and TikTok. AllAuthor has been exceeding my expectations and I appreciate that they promote my book frequently. I hope one day AllAuthor becomes the only marketing tool authors need and I can definitely see it heading in that direction.

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