Trinity Blacio Interview Published on: 26, Feb 2018

Where did you grow up or spend the majority of your childhood? Name a favorite childhood hangout of you and friends.

The majority of my childhood was spent in Southfield, MI. Hangout would have to be Tel-Twelve mall or girl friends house.

Do you have any siblings? If so, do any of them read your books?

I have brother and sister. Hate to say it but no. Only a few people in my family read them, sister and brother are not one of them.

What got you into paranormal romance genre? Did you dive into erotica right away or was that introduced later?

It’s what I started to read. Right away of course.

Describe what the perfect day means to you?

Quiet, no one asking me to do something for them or go somewhere.

What was the first book you ever published and what did you learn from that experience?

Possession of the Soul, but it was with a different publisher and different title. I was taught many things with my first book, but the most important lesson was to never give up writing.

What is the main theme of the Master of the Cats book series? Which character in this series would you like to meet in real life?

That no matter how screwed up you think you are there is always someone there for you who thinks you’re the world. Hmm, there are so many, but I connected with Isaac Featherstone, in the third book the most so far.

A few of your stories take place around the time of Christmas or Christmas Eve. What does this season mean to you? What has been your most romantic Christmas experience?

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I hate to say this but it was when I was 16. Boyfriend got me a dozen long stem roses and took me out to a real nice place to eat.

How did you get the idea for “Ghosts of Christmas Passion?” Who inspired the grandfather’s character in this story?

The movie scrooge and the ghosts. My step-father, he’s helped so many people.

What was your favorite thing about writing The Naughty Angel series? Which scene/chapter in the book would be the most steamy?

Making it seem real, vampires and St. Nicholas have been around for a long time. The first time she m meets them in the diner, in a room full of people.

Have you ever been moved emotionally while writing any of your books? Which book was the hardest to write?

Yes, quite a few times. The first book in my Running in Fear series, Escaped.

Which book series did you experiment with the most? Which one has the most diverse plots or set of characters?

The Glow of Crimson. Master of the Cats.

When it comes to a paranormal romance, how do you keep your stories grounded and characters real and relatable even if the theme is centered around the supernatural?

Each of my characters have a part of someone that I know, even those I don’t get along with, which helps keep them more believable.

Why did you write “We Love New York?” Did you have any relatives affected by Sandy? What are some other ways in which you try and change lives through your writing?

I wanted to help in some way, since I was so far away. No, just a lot of friends. I have done anthologies for certain causes, dedicated books and other things.

Are you working on anything currently? What do you like and dislike most about being an author?

I always have stories going. Right now, I have at least five going. I love to write. It takes me away to new worlds if only for a few hours. Dislike, hmm editing gives me the hardest time. I want to be like Mark Twain and send my editor a page of commas, periods, and such…

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