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Vivian Rose Lee Interview Published on: 02, Oct 2017

Tell us a little bit about your childhood. What were some challenges you faced when you decided you wanted to become a writer and how did you overcome them?

What can I say? I was raised in a small rural town. I had a great childhood. I guess I was about thirteen when I started making up stories about family and love. Me and my cousins would have sleepover parties and I would entertain them with these stories. The funny thing about it was that, I would have their undivided attention. They would hang onto my every word. I never thought I would become a writer. So, I had no challenges except finding the time to put my words to paper.

How often do you write in a week? Do you think an author ever takes Summer or Winter holidays?

I write every day, unless I have a prior engagement. I can’t speak for all authors, I always make time to write whether on vacation or not.

What are some books you loved as a child?

The first book I ever read was in the late sixties, titled “Manchild In the Promised Land,” by Claude Brown. Later, I was introduced to Harlequin Romance, (On The Down Low). So, let’s just say, that I’ve been hooked ever since.

When did you write the first book to the Heart Series? Which book in this series did you find hardest to write and why?

My first book in the Heart Series was “Player’s Heart.” My intentions were for this to be a stand-alone, but after many requests for more of the characters, A series was formed. How could I not with five strong alpha males and an alpha female begging for the sport light. So, I had to make this close-knit family into a series giving each one a chance to tell their own story. As I always say, I let the stories lead me. Not any of the stories were hard to write. Their stories just flowed like water. Once they came to life, each character took on a life of their own running towards the pages.

In "Duke's Heart", Cat falls in love with her best friend's older brother, Duke. Has this ever happened to you or someone you knew? Did the older brother ever return the same feelings?

That’s never happened to me or anyone I know. I just let the story tell itself and that is what transpired.

What is the best part about writing a book, beginning it (creating a plot, creating characters, etc.), ending it, or selling it?

For me, the best part about writing a book is creating the plot and character. As I mentioned above, I let the story lead me most times. That’s not to say that once I’ve re-read things, I instantly fall in love with the story. As with all things, adjustments must be made.

What, according to you, makes a good romance story?

Always that Happily Ever After factor at the end of the story, and the journey the Heroine and Hero traveled to get there.

Are you a fan of Romeo and Juliet? If you could rewrite that story, what are some changes you would make?

Not a huge fan but I have read it. If I rewrote it, they would have had that HEA factor, and children to boot. For, I am all about family.

In a lot of your books, the main characters usually detest each other before they eventually fall in love, Why did you choose this particular theme? Do you think the term "opposites attract" is one that you agree with?

I like that opposites attract theme. Realistically, most time it is not the case. Hey, but this is fiction.

Do you prefer to model your characters after yourself and/or people you know? Or do you like to start with a blank canvas and create them from scratch?

In some books, I think my personality comes through. But overall, I create who I want them to be. I love strong female characters and strong alpha men.

Do you find yourself relating in any way to the smart and eccentric Zulayka Thornton from "The Protector"?

I don’t know. I can be a little eccentric at times. At least than is what my son, daughter, and a few close friends tell me.

How many unfinished or unpublished works do you have? Do you think you'll ever comb through them again, edit them, and maybe publish some in the future?

I have many unfinished works. My goal is to publish them all.

What is some of the most priceless advice that someone gave you?

If your writing can keep the reader’s attention, then you will have accomplished your goal.

Who has been the most supportive of your writing career? Do you know any other small authors that you support?

Of course, my children are strong supporters. Most of my family in their own way as well. There is this friend, that keeps me motivated. Sometimes, I wonder how did such a wonderful, spirited, goodhearted lady find her way into my life. No matter how she did, I’m happy she’s here, and it humbles me. She’s just that awesome.

When it comes to social media marketing and promotions, what is your strategy? Has AllAuthor been helpful in this domain and would you recommend this website to fellow authors?

My strategy is just to write from the heart and everything else will fall into place, for now. And yes, I would recommend this site.

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