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Science Fiction, Fantasy

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G. S. Scott is the author of CLEANSED, and SORROW’S HEART, from the series THE CHRONICLES OF THE TRUE TREE, published through Blue Deco Publishing.
Mr. Scott spent his youth, sitting in a basement playing tabletop role-playing games. It got his creative juices flowing. Characters of all types banged around in his head, demanding to be let loose into the world. And he obliged them.
G. S. Scott is active in local writing groups and is an avid gamer, with the Fallout series topping the list. He enjoys local theater with his playwright wife, Sarah. He knew she was the one when she quoted Monty Python on their third date.

G. S. Scott Books

Cleansed (The True Tree Chronicles) (Volume 1)
Cleansed (The True Tree Chronicles) (Volume 1)
Sorrow's Heart: Origin's Story (The True Tree Chronicles)
Sorrow's Heart: Origin's Story (The True Tree Chronicles)

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