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Alexandra has not traveled to 47 countries, worked in law enforcement for 25 years where she single-handedly apprehended ten of the world's most wanted, or practiced law or psychiatry.
She doesn't speak 5 languages fluently, rival Beethoven on the piano, or send her rescue dogs to save flood victims. In fact, currently, she is pet-less.

She does, however, do a heck of a lot of research.

She has jumped from an airplane, spent the day on a commercial shrimp boat, spent a weekend with a houseful of Navy SEALs, and hitchhiked across 3 states. She has worked for newspapers, taught high school English, and had a lengthy stint as a graphic designer. Raised a son and daughter, scored 3 grandchildren; and, written a few books along the way.

The human condition and people fascinate her, and especially men. They are, in her words, pretty cool creatures.

And she imagines.



Alexandra Christle Books

Between Nowhere and Lost
Between Nowhere and Lost
Hitchin' (A Michael Reyes Thriller)
Hitchin' (A Michael Reyes Thriller)

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