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History buff, Francophile, and hopeless romantic-- the perfect mixture for writing romance! An avid reader, as a teen, I loved the "happily ever after" sweet romances, but I quickly plunged into the world of historical romance--my get-away-from-real-life transporter. Add in a degree in Political Studies with six years of French--twenty years later, I found a new career. 4 published works with one due in June, my focus is Historical Romance, although I'm branching out into other sub-genres. I'm all about the HEA.
I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my husband of 22 years and my four children. I spend the long winters plotting and scheming my next book, and in the mild summers, my family and I spend every waking moment we can hiking and kayaking the Northwoods. Lake Superior and its awe-inspiring beauty is my muse, my happy place. I live where I play, and it suits me perfectly.


Silence the Northwoods

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