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Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, African American Interest

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Author of paranormal, interracial, diverse and contemporary romance.
I was born in New Orleans, LA, and raised by a single mom who taught me a lot and gave me a good foundation. My husband inspired me to write romance. He is truly a wonderful man who makes me laugh, taught me to love myself, stayed with me through hell and high water and has been the best friend I never knew I needed.

Besides being an author, I am also a personal trainer, a bodybuilder and I took 2nd place overall in my first Women's Bodybuilding competition in 2014, fulfilling a dream I had as a teenager. I completed it in my 40s! However, life happens and two years ago I needed back surgery and this year, neck surgery. I don't like taking pain pills, so I had my doctor put in permanent spine stimulation. I literally have to 'charge' my battery in my back every Friday!

I am also a licensed Zumba instructor, a yoga instructor, Tai Chi, and a group fitness trainer.
I am licensed and certified to teach ESL classes (English as a second language), to young students ages 5-12. I am working with students in Beijing, China, via the Internet.

I took a long break from writing for about 8 years, and I may write about that someday. I am so happy to get back to doing what I love!

Every so often, I reinvent myself. I never stop learning, growing, changing, all to become a better version of myself. I now live in Warner Robins, GA with my husband and two of our six kids, our pets, three cats and an 80 lb German Shepard, named Bella.


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