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I have spent the last 50 years, trying to understand why things happened and why they do not always work out when I knew I was doing all the proper things in life so I thought. I found that if we really search ourselves from the inside first, all the real-life answers are available for us as we wish.

I now understand the Universal Energy Source works within and around us all, regardless if we believe it to be true or not. Our lack of belief will not hinder its progress. However, our willingness to believe and to participate as Co- Creators; can improve our experiences, if you pay attention to what you give it to work with. Give it your worries and fears and you will co-create more worries and fears to focus on. In the same twist of your thoughts, you can give it your love and faithful beliefs, to co-create more that you desire to experience.

“Ask and you shall receive, Knock and the door will open, seek and ye shall find”. I hope this book will help others find their heart desires and help them find their own way to co-create with the Universe that surrounds us all, in the truth of the God’s essence of true love. You have nothing to fear except fear itself, so enjoy and watch your life transform with the change of your perception of life. I offer this book with my heart for anyone who may have questions like I have had all these years. With the ability to give my open heart through this kind of forum to help has been a true blessing. It also helped me see through my own past how I succeeded and failed with my own held beliefs.

Thank You, Universe, for showing me that I always have whatever I may need within, to accomplish any desire I may wish to achieve in my reality. Thank you For always teaching me through the Teacher of Love and showing me the best way to remain in God’s Truth for me. I give my heart to heal all broken hearts within this world. I have true love for all and again, thank you for reading my personal journey into my heartfelt awakening.


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Grace On Demand: vs. Edging God Out
Grace On Demand: vs. Edging God Out
Manifesting Gratitude Journal
Manifesting Gratitude Journal
Love from Gratitude Mountain
Love from Gratitude Mountain

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